DSC_0326Can we skip the part about how late I am to the party on this one? I know, I know, everyone and their mother is in love with this stuff and you know what? I am too.  Rewind a couple of weeks and you’ll see me at my local Nars counter (finally) getting color matched and picking up a sample. Rarely do I encounter love at first sight with beauty products but ladies and gents, I think I’ve found the one. The shade Cadiz was perfection, coverage was on point… Not to toot my own horn, but it was one of those ‘my skin has never looked so good’ moments that never, ever happens to me. After strolling through a few more counters at Saks I went to get color matched for YSL’s Touche Eclat just to see how the two compared and I had to stop the woman from applying the product on my face before wiping off Sheer Glow from underneath because she didn’t realize I was wearing any foundation the product blends so well. Fast forward slightly and I’m still in love with the stuff even a week after, and so the trouble begins. I’ll spare you my desperate journey for Sheer Glow, but I basically bought Sheer Matte instead on accident and then ended up buying (and loving) both. Review to come on the latter, but I digress. I. Love. This. Stuff. With just a single pump it’s incredibly smoothing and perfecting on the skin, making pores disappear without having to layer on product. If you’re in need of extra blemish cover it can be layered easily with absolutely zero cake factor added. Lasting power is also ridiculously good on this one; foundation especially seems to disappear on my skin like nobody’s business but somehow this withstands even the über humid Florida heat waves, so massive props to Nars for engineering that kind of wizardry. I know I keep harping on about the shades, but as someone with very in-between-undertones and darker skin I find it insanely hard to find a base that’s the perfect match. Nars have got it going on with their massive range of shades from almost paper white to deep tawny, so if you have trouble like me finding the perfect match this may just be the answer to your prayers. I know it’s called Sheer Glow, but it’s not the dewiest of foundations on the market, something I find to be right up my street. It’s more of a satin-y finish that let’s your natural sheen-iness peek through: basically, it looks like skin, no matter how much you layer on. (I told you it’s magic.) I find that on my dry-combination skin and an oily t-zone I don’t need to powder this one down, though adding a touch to set everything does help prolong staying power throughout the day. Let’s just say this: I’ve found the Holy Grail.

Have you ever tried Nars Sheer Glow Foundation?





DSC_0289I call this the “January Edition” not because I’m planning on doing a haul every single month (my bank account isn’t nearly large enough to afford twelve of these posts a year), but because I know that coming up in March for my birthday there will be quite a large haul, followed (hopefully) by a Paris haul in the summer. This month, I took the plunge and made an impulse Sephora purchase and picked up a few things I’ve been putting off buying for ages. The first, Origins’ Make A Difference Plus Rejuvenating Moisturizer, I’ve gotten samples of not one, not two, but four times at my local counter. I even made a friend accompany me last time to get an extra sample and pass it off as hers. I kid you not. Needless to say, the woman who works there despises my presence every time I approach, so I placed the order online. Ha. It’s the most gorgeous, lightweight moisturizer to use as a night cream, and the smell. Oh. There are no words. Basically it smells like there’s a party happening. On your face. While you sleep. Not to mention you wake up with the softest, most supple skin imaginable. Love. Next up, I’ve been meaning to try Tarte’s Smooth Operator Micronized Setting Powder for ages, and I saw on that the limited-edition version released last year with the Aqualilies collection was on sale. Same powder, but prettier packaging, ten dollars off? Please and thank you. Into the cart it went, so there will be a full review up sometime next week. Stay tuned, kids. The rest of the Sephora items were actually samples; the site was running a promotion that gave you the option to pick 2 luxury-sized samples (hint: use code VICESWAP to shop the deal) so I picked the Tarte Maracuja oil and Becca’s bronzing skin perfector. First off, I’ve never actually tried a proper skincare oil before, and the results were fantastic; brighter, softer, and hydrated skin all came to light in the morning. I’m currently deciding between the full size of this or the Pai Rosehip Oil, but I digress. The Becca sample is actually aimed to give you that tan glow to your skin. Now, I’m basically brown all year round, so no word here on whether or not that helps in the fake tan department. Personally, I lvoe Becca products, especially their Skin Perfector Line, so I think this will make a great cheekbone highlighter-type shade for the summer to help on top of a bit of bronzer. I also got the birthday kit from Benefit they give if you’re a Beauty Insider, since I accidentally put my birthday in as a January birthday when I signed up. #Sorrynotsorry. The kit includes a sample of their Watt’s Up! highlighter, a lovely champagne-golden shade, and the They’re Real! mascara, so lot’s of exciting stuff here, judging from all those exclamation points Benefit brands their products with. Honestly though, the Watt’s Up! gives a great, long-lasting sheen to the cheeks, and the mascara is perfect for separating lashes. If your lashes don’t typically hold a curl, I’d recommend a layer of waterproof mascara first before a layer of this, but it really is fantastic. Lastly, I finally got myself the Nuxe Rêve de Miel lip balm, which is lovely at night as a sort of lip mask, since it’s quite thick. So there you have it! All my recent purchases from the month, simples.

What have you picked up recently? Let me know in the comments below!


bathtime routine

friday fixer 2I do my best to have a pamper night every Friday; I think it really helps to be able to just unwind after a long week. A good book, lots of candles, and of course a yummy-smelling bath bomb usually do the trick for me, so I thought I’d share my usual routine today. I tend to buy Lush bath products over more high-end oils; I just find them a bit more fun and obviously cheaper (although I do have my eye on the aromatherapy associates deep sleep oil). I usually pop in a half a bath bomb with some of my Apotheke-m shower oil which is basically a glorified bubble bath that smells like a fig grove in Greece. I kid you not. This week’s bath bomb of choice was the Luxury Lush Pud, which you might have seen in my Lush haul a few weeks ago here. It turns the bath this majestic shade of fuschia with little bursts of color, but has the same scent as my all time favorite bath bomb, Twilight. On the candle front, I usually opt for my three favorites: Yankee Candle’s Salted Caramel and Whoopie Pie (the most incredible chocolate scented item there ever was), and Bath and Body Works’ Mahogany Teakwood. I usually keep tea-sized versions on hand to pop on the side of the bath; it’s just easier than trying to fit three large candles on top of my tub (not to mention cheaper.) As a chronic film buff, I’ve been reading Roger Ebert’s “The Great Movies, which is every cinephile’s dream read. What are your must have bath time products?


suki photoI rarely do lifestyle posts here on le blog, so I thought today’s post (which was supposed to go up yesterday… Sorry about that.) could be a quick bit about what’s going on with succhisimples., as well as my own life. I realize many of you prefer to just read beauty-related content, so if this isn’t your cup of tea, feel free to skip over this one. No judgements made. Not really.

So first off, I tweeted earlier about my new blogging schedule for this year. There will be a new post every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and my weekly favorites, a “capsule bag” post each and every Sunday, so keep your eyes peeled for a lot of new content coming up. I don’t want to purely do boring reviews, so if you lot have any ideas for new posts, pretty please comment them below! Let me know what you’d like to see more of here on the site. I was fortunate enough to reach 300 followers on Bloglovin’ this month, and I can’t even express how much that meant to me. Thank you to all of you who have been reading since. I started blogging in January, and to all my new viewers, I hope you haven’t found me too boring just yet. Trust me, it could happen any day now, so try to bear with me and stick around. My new goal is to hit 500 Bloglovin’ followers by my birthday on March 10th, so if you’re not already following, it would mean the world to me if you would! If I do reach my goal by my birthday, I’m planning a huge giveaway for all my lovely readers (which may or may not be a bribe, but I refuse to confess to that.), so please help me get there! Leave a comment below telling me what you’re interested in getting a chance to win for the giveaway, and I’ll just pick the most popular item(s). Oh, and don’t forget to follow me on all that social media buzz in my sidebar:)

On the lifestyle end of the spectrum, yes that is my baby bro Suki in the photo above. He’s something of a model, if you will, so I thought I’d share his most vogue-worthy shot with all of you. I also just got a new lens in, the Nikon 50mm f1.8, which is absolutely fantastic if you’re a blogger out there looking for a good lens to take product photos with. TV series have taken up quite a bit of my free time lately, suffice it to say that I currently follow at least twelve. But, rather than bore you with the details, let me know if you’d like to see what I’ve been watching in terms of film and tv in the comments below! (PS, Game of Thrones, please and thank you.)

There will be another post up tomorrow to get back into my blogging routine, so don’t forget to check back. xx



Happy Wednesday everyone!

Ha. Happy Wednesday. I’d rather not lie, so by “Happy Wednesday”, I mean to say that I hope you’re all having a fantastic wednesday to make up for my awful day, not that I myself am experiencing such things. Suffice it to say that I’ve had a really tough week, with today thus far proving to be the worst day I’ve had in a while. BUT. The lovely Lisa and Carrieanne of Beauties Unlocked, along with the equally lovely Katie of Katie’s World  and Daniela of A  One Way Ticket to My World have launched a new blog hop that just might lift some of your mid-week blues. The hop is called “14 Weeks of Melodies”, and the idea is that every week you pick a song that represents your mood lately, and share it on the Hop. Each week, there’s a prize up for grabs, and the hop is going on all the way up until December 31st, with a grand prize being awarded to the blogger who completes all 14 weeks! I think it’s a great idea, as lately I’ve been somewhat negligent of posting to my blog, so hopefully this’ll help get me into a routine to try to complete the challenge, and I love music and finding new and exciting songs and artists I might not have heard of before! Interested? Head over to the hosts’ blogs (linked below) and link up your accounts after sharing your weekly melody, and grab the button off of Beauties Unlocked to share with your own followers!

One of my long-time favorite bands/artists/whatevers has always been a duo called Tegan and Sara. If you haven’t heard of them before, they’re a pair of identical twins who have some AMAZING records. Stop. Don’t even finish reading this post if you’ve never heard them before, and go see my buddy and have a listen. If you’re into indie/alternative music, this is absolute love. I’ve had a rough go of things lately, and I’ve basically had the song “Where Does the Good Go?” on replay every single moment of the day. It’s absolutely beautiful, and deep; I especially love the first verse. I find it really comforting, because it has to do with figuring out how to deal with yourself and life after going through a rough patch, but it’s not patronizing in any way so as to lie and tell you that everything’s all right. It’s wonderful and introspective and its a slice of reality. True and honest. So go ahead, have a listen.

SO. Apologies for my ramblings, but sometimes you need to let it all out to start taking the good back in. Have a look at the host blogs; I love them all!

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