capsule bagCan you tell the week was a little Nars-heavy? We started things off here at succhisimples. with a new foundation purchase in the form of Nars Sheer Matte. In short: happy accident. I meant to buy Sheer Glow after hearing the raves and trying out a sample (hint: I loved it), picked up the bottle from the back of the rack at Sephora to be sure it was safe-sans the scratches and wear/tear of customers scrabbling for products-and lo and behold, ended up still in sheer territory, but well, matte. And then? It was love. I have to say, I wanted to like Sheer Glow better purely because of the love everyone and their mother professes for it, but Nars really seems to have it going on in the flawless base department. If you have skin that gets even slightly shiny throughout the day, listen up: you need this in your life. Good coverage that feels impossibly light on the skin, controls shine, and isn’t drying at all? My kinda thing. Confession: I may have also bought Sheer Glow. What can I say? You can’t help who (or what) you love. Moving on to other Nars dreamstuffs, the foundation pairs beautifully with their Radiant Creamy Concealer. For reference, I use the shade Ginger, which is perfect year-round under the eyes to brighten without looking like you’re wearing it. In a word- invisible. Somehow this melts into the skin and seems to look better as the day goes on. Need I say more? Wait, I need. If you haven’t try it, stop reading here and rush out to buy. Last on the Nars docket is an old favorite, the blush in Luster. I’ve raved on about this one since ‘simples. started, but my feelings remain the same: it’s damn good. If there ever was a blush to epitomize the “healthy glow” look, it would be this. The perfect apricot that works just as well on tan skins as it does on pale complexions, this is glowy cheeks in a pan. Last on the glow factor docket we’ve got FACE Stockholm’s Cream Hilighter in the shade Dignity. I’ve reviewed it here, but the short version is it’s a more pigmented version of the RMS Living Luminizer and a bit drier in texture. Still natural “wet look” cheekbones that glisten in the sun (thank you Twilight) with added staying power. The final addition to the week’s capsule bag was a new one to my lipstick collection, MAC’s lipstick in See Sheer. Stay tuned for more on this next week, but it’s basically the perfect sheer coral shade that doesn’t look too bright or pastel, even on my-now seven shades-darker skin. Lovely for an everyday, “I’m-still-not-convinced-summer’s-over” kinda thing if you know what I mean.


What products have you been loving lately? Any recommendations? Leave them below!



  1. Of course, when I saw the picture, I knew this would be a good read. I mean, all of that Nars in one picture? I think you may have influenced my purchasing of Nars Luster in the past. Love how natural it is. I’m also obsessed with the Radiant Creamy Concealer. It’s too good!

    I use the Nars Sheer Glow but I’m intrigued by the Sheer Matte formula. I may give it a try.

    xx, Coreyiel | The Luxe Minimalist

    • Nars makes everything better:) Glad to hear it, it’s one of my favorite products I’ve ever purchased. And don’t even get me started again on that concealer it’s just…. heaven in a tube! Give it a shot–I’ve got skin that leans pretty dry and this is the only matte formula that hasn’t accentuated my dry spots at all. xx

  2. I absolutely love the bars sheer glow it’s my favourite foundation at the moment and I have been reaching for it nearly everyday. I am really interested to try the matte version especially as my skin is getting slightly more oilier in the warmer weather.
    The Beautifully Disastrous

    • Me too, I’m obsessed with both! I find that Sheer Glow somehow keeps shine away pretty well even without powder though, so maybe Nars just has it going on in the foundation department in general. I must try their tinted moisturizer though…

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