DSC_0005It’s celebration time. I’ve been planning this giveaway for a while now for the occasion, and I can’t believe it has come around so fast. That’s right people, succhisimples. has reached a thousand followers on bloglovin’. W-O-W-Z-A. My goal for the year had been to reach five hundred of you lovelies reading my ramblings by June, so it doesn’t seem real to me that I’m celebrating twice that number in half the time I was planning for. So, as a huge thank you to all of you who still put up with me, I’ve been hoarding these little treasures away to ship out to one lucky reader! Remember the Nars Guy Bourdin Palette that came out over the holidays? I may or may not have bought a second to give away, along with the Clinique Neutral Territory 2 Palette and the Urban Decay Naked 3 (hint hint: I did.). Just enter in the rafflecopter form below for a chance to win. Simples.


a Rafflecopter giveaway




  1. My favourite make-up palette right now is my LORAC Pro Palette, but I’ve had my eye on the Naked 3 Palette for ages! Amazing giveaway xx

  2. my favourite palette is my mac quad! so versatile and I can mix and match shadows whenever I want:) right now I have patina, era, all that glitters and woodwinked on rotation:) thanks for such an exciting giveaway!

  3. Wow what a generous giveaway! My favourite palette would have to be the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette but those three palettes are to die for!! xx

  4. My fav palette is my naked 2. I love it to pieces in fact after my niece dropped it most of the shadows are in pieces! I would die if I won I have wanted naked 3 since it came out but I just can’t afford it. This is such am amazing give away :) xXx

  5. Congrats on 1K!! Wow this giveaway is amazing, I would lurve to win! My favourite palette is probably the Balm Balm Jovi palette or Lorac Pro :)

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  6. Congrats on the 1k!
    I only have one real legit palette, and it’s the Naked 1 but I sincerely love it! The first time I swatched it I was bewildered, I didn’t think shadows could FEEL that way (if that makes sense haha).

  7. wow congratulations lovely! :) Thank you so so much for this absolutely amazing giveaway! My favourite palette is probably the original naked palette <3

  8. Have, good luck! x
    Have just entered your amazing ‘giveaway’ and have my fingers crossed!!! I’m also running a ‘giveaway’ ATM over at if you fancy entering, best of luck x

  9. My favourite palette was the Naked Basics Palette, it was the perfect selection of colours for me, you could create so many different looks with them and the eyeshadow lasted all day! It was cruelly stolen off me by my cousin, but it’s just an excuse for me to find a new favourite!

  10. Such an amazing giveaway! I don’t own a huge amount of palettes, but from the owns I do, it’s the Urban Decay Oz Theodora, I really love the colours xxx

  11. I love the Naked palette, it’s really warm and the eyeshadows have a great formulation!

  12. Amazing prize! Would love to win! The Clarins Essentials Palette is my fave!

  13. Wow! Brilliant giveaway! I have wanted all of these palettes for so long, this is incredibly generous. I would love the Nars Palette or any of them! xx

  14. Naked 2 is my favourite definitely. Amazing selection of colours in that one!

  15. Thanks for the great giveaway!
    My favourite palette would have to be the Naked 3 :)

  16. My favourite palette at the moment is the Urban Decay Naked basics, Its been at the back of a drawer for a while and I recently fell in love with it all over again! Its perfect for an everyday look :)

  17. UD’s naked2 and naked3 are just amazing, the most versatile palettes EVER! love them both :)

  18. My favourite palette had to be the UD Naked Basics, well it was before my cousin stole it! It was the perfect nude palette for me to create loads of looks with, but I guess this is the excuse I need to start searching for new one! Love you blog, hopefully this giveaway will attract more people here!

  19. My current favourite is Sleek’s Garden of Eden palette. It’s all shimmery greens and pinks and I absolutely love it. Fantastic giveaway :)

  20. Congratulations!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win :). I happen to love my new IT Cosmetics Matte palette. Love trying new ones out!

  21. So far I really like the too faced’s naked palette, but I’ve always wanted to try a naked palette from urban decay. I’m joining!

  22. Wow this giveaway is AMAZING! I actually get the most use out of my naked basics & 1 palettes. :)

  23. Congrats on your success!!! My fav makeup palettes would be the Urban Decay ones :)

  24. My fave palette right now is the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette. Oddly enough I find myself using it more than my Naked palettes and everything else I have lately!

  25. Incredible give away :)
    I think my favourite palette has to be the NAKED 2 palette by Urban Decay. I waited a long time for it and was lucky enough to receive it as a birthday gift last year, every since then I have used it pretty much none stop.
    Amy x

  26. Hi!
    Congratulation for the 1000 followers on bloglovin!

    What a great giveaway!
    My favorite palette is the lorac pro palette right behind the stile in the light :-)

    ulli ks

  27. Great giveaway lovely! I don’t have many palettes but love the urban decay ones xx

  28. I love my Naked Palette! Congrats!!! And thank you for the amazing giveaway xx

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