DSC_0255Anastasia (of Beverly Hills), you must be a genius, because you’re a wiz at creating good brows. I swear that sounded a whole hell of a lot better in my head than it does written here. If you didn’t pick up on my terrible joke, today’s product in question happens to be my first-ever foray into the realm of brow pencils, the Anastasia Skinny Brow Wiz in the shade Ebony. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big eyebrow lover; I love the look of a good strong brow that looks very modern and chic, I just tend not to faff around with my own brows much, mostly because I’ve never really had much experience with them. Brows have always been that area of beauty that fascinated me but I kind of never took the jump to start obsessing over. Until now. After having recently gotten my brows waxed at my local Benefit Brow Bar at Ulta, I picked up this itty bitty pencil to get to work with my face mane. I have quite bushy brows naturally, so I really wanted something to focus on just taming and defining my brows. Let me get this out now, I think I’ve found the one. Skinny Wiz and I get along quite nicely; it’s the sort of no-brainer product that’s quick and easy to use for even the most amateur eyebrow lover such as myself. The pencil is absolutely tiny, making it magic for drawing in hairs where before there were only gaps. The spoolie on the other end is one of the best I’ve tried; firm enough to disperse product but not so stiff that you feel like you’re raking through your brows. Plus, it cuts the time normally spent on scavenging around for a separate spoolie brush. Overall, it’s a great buy for quick and easy perfect brows. While it is on the expensive side of products, I think it’s well worth the price tag. Definitely a must buy for anyone looking to improve the look of their brows.

What are your favorite brow products?



    • Yes! I’d love to try out some new brow products, what are you using right now?

  1. You have lovely brows! I really like the idea of this- I’ve been using the Revlon Brow Fantasy for a while now and it is a brow gel/pencil duo. I think I need to move on to something that looks a little more natural though as the Revlon pencil pulls quite orange :-/. I may have to try this pencil- thanks for posting about it!

    • Thank you! It’s a great product, let me know what you think if you decide to pick it up! :)

    • I haven’t tried that one yet! I’ll need to look into it. Thanks for the tip! Xx

  2. I’m going to have o give this a try soon! I’ve been loving using MAC eyebrows automatic pencil, but this gets so much hype! It must be a great product x

    • Yes! I’ve actually never tried their powders, might have to give those a go! xx

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