best glossesNo, not the uber-famous blog with a cult following. But two of the best glosses ever to grace my lips? Absolutely. On her last trip, one of my best friends (and uproariously funny cousin/sister) acquired these two stunning lip glazes from Nordstrom. Obviously, seeing the sleek black Nars packaging and the gleaming Clarins case, I had to have a look. The results? Nars lip gloss in Giza, described by the brand as being a “nectar” shade, and the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in #01 Rose Shimmer. So, naturally, when she went to her makeup bag the next morning, both happened to be gone, and so was I. Around town we went, the glosses and I, and I tested them both for a full week before returning them discreetly to her pouch, shaking my head no, of course I didn’t take them. The verdict? These two non-slippery lip glosses are beyond fantastic. The shade “Giza” is a beautiful nude-y shade with a bit of peach and apricot in it, perfect for olive/tawny skin. The scent, however, isn’t to die for; you’ve probably heard of the plastic smell of these glosses before. However, I can forgive Nars’ smell testers for their cosmetic blunder, since the stuff melts into the lips like butter, giving a glowing sheen. In the Clarins department, the Lip Perfector doesn’t give much color, but definitely gives the dewy, luminous appearance of fuller lips and a fresh face. The smell. It smells like cotton candy. No joke. Cotton freaking candy ladies and gents. So, if I was made to choose, the Clarins lip gloss would likely win out as my favorite lip gloss ever, but they’re both definitely ranked as the top two in the history of my world.



    • It’s a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Even though it’s a little pricey, it really is worth every cent. Thanks for reading! xx

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